Ideas of Bathroom Designs for Small Bathrooms

Bathroom is a special place for all family members. Bathroom is the only place for a family for bathe, clean, and refreshes their body after doing many activities during the days. A bathroom is a pleasant room that will make us feel relax and enjoy the freshness of the water, but a small bathroom could [...]

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Wall Towel Storage Decoration Ideas

After we do many activities along the days, we will need to refresh our mind and body. Bathroom is the best place that will help us refresh our body perfectly. The decoration inside our bathroom will influence our mood to come in to the bathroom or not; beside the decoration, the completeness of the bathroom [...]

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Modern And Elegant Bathroom Sink Faucet Types

Bathroom usually consists of bath tub, shower, cabinets or shelves, bidet, bathroom sink, and toilet or bidet. We can use the bath tub and shower to wash our body from the dirt that we get during our activities in the days. The cabinets or shelves are helping us by providing the places for our bathe [...]

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