Harmony and Balance Gate House Design

A house usually comprise of rooms, front yard, and back yard. In front yard of house many people usually install a gate house to separate their house area with the road in front of their house. if you are also interested to install a gate house in front of your front yard of your house, [...]

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Multipurpose Bathroom Wall Shelves Decoration

A bathroom is needed to be installed in every house because it is an important requirement as a place to wash our body, brush our teeth, and do another bathe activity. Inside the bathroom, we usually install a bathtub, wash basin, and shower. All of them will help us refresh our body after doing activities [...]

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Modern White Faucets Design

Bathroom is the important part of house building.  There are so many tools inside bathroom, for example bathtub, shower, toilet, cabinet, sink, and mirror. Faucet is a little part of the bathroom. Usually this part is becomes one with the sink. There are so many designs of faucets such as traditional and modern design. The [...]

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Modern Ironing Boards Design

Ironing boards is the important thing in this era. Modern people use it to make their cloth becomes tidy. Long time ago, people use the large pieces of board to ironing their cloth. They cover it with pillowcase and blanket before they ironing on there. But nowadays, there are so many modern ironing boards design. [...]

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Modern Wash Basin Design

Nowadays, every house has this tool. This tools has important part in the bathroom, simple but useful. This is washbasin. Wash basin is little part of bathroom. Sometimes, people don’t realize how useful this tools. This is has function for tooth brushing, face washing, or shaving. It can put in the outside of bathroom, in [...]

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