Simple and Modern Bathroom Units

Bathroom is the one of house building. This is a main part when we want to build house. House usually has more than one bathroom. Minimum, one house has one private bathroom and one public bathroom. Nowadays, some people want some modern thing. This is also applied when people want to design a bathroom. Inside [...]

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Simple and Minimalist Sofa Design

All the room almost has this furniture. Starting from the living room, family room and the bedroom, sofa mostly found in every room of the house. Sofa has multifunction, not only for sitting, but also for laying. Sometimes people choose their sofa based on the functions. For example, the sofa in living room is usually [...]

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Modern Kitchen Plan Design

Kitchen is main part of designing home. Besides living room, bedroom and dining room, kitchen is the important part that home to have. As we know, the function of kitchen is for processing and preparing food. Nowadays, there are two concept kitchen, dry kitchen and wet kitchen. Wet kitchen is located in the back of [...]

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