Adjusting Bathroom Sink Size for Balance Bathroom

Generally, a bathroom should have a toilet / bidet, shower area, bath tub, and bathroom sink. Bathroom sink is a special place for wash our face, brush our tooth, and wash our hand. There are many size of bathroom sink that you can choose and install in your bathroom. Choose the fittest bathroom sink size [...]

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Green Bedroom Ideas For Teenage Girls Bedroom

Green is the most natural color and also the most favorite color after blue, that is able to symbolize the growth, healthy, and harmony. Green color itself is the most comfort color for our eyes. In many cultures, like in western, green is a color that is identical with lucky. But in china, ‘green hat’ [...]

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Interesting Ideas About Decoration For Nursery Room

Nursery is a special room for kids or baby. A new parent usually prepares a nursery room for their babies (if they are planning to have babies). Nursery room is an important room for your babies because they will grow up there, play there, and they will find their personalities in nursery room too. As [...]

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Important Elements Of Basic Interior Design

We know that there are several elements of basic interior design. When all of elements unite, there will be a harmony in interior design. Some elements influence the interior design such as color, shape, composition, and others. If you can choose the most compatible color for a room, so the room will be present in [...]

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What Color Wall With Sage Curtains That Are Compatible?

Green, blue, and brown are the best color that will create a natural impression of a house. Green itself has several variations like lime green, green leaf color, and sage green. You can apply those kinds of green color scheme in your interior walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, and decorations. But, what kind of color that [...]

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