Features Of Small Cabin Floor Plans

Generally, small cabin floor plans are small sketches less than 1000 square meters. Even if cabin is not a special house design, many people usually like a small sized house (likes small cabin) that is reached for 4 angles with one story and a front porch for gathering with friends, neighbors, and family. You can [...]

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One Room Floor Plan For Small House

Small houses being the best house style for couples who don’t want to have a kid / child. A couple those are deciding to build a small family without any children usually planning to build a small house with only one bedroom for them. If so, they have to plan their small house that accommodates [...]

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Using Micro Houses Plans Free

Living in a micro house becomes a pleasant living. You can do anything outside your house and minimization your activities inside your micro house. There are many people who want to stay alive in a micro house, you can try to live in a micro house with the micro house design that you like. How [...]

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Make Tiny House Floor Plans Before Build a House

Small house or tiny house is a house that has smaller size with smaller rooms inside it than the other houses. This type of house is suitable for every family who want to build a small house for their main family. But if you are planning to build a tiny house or small house, you [...]

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