Symbols Of Purple Room Paint Color Ideas

What is favorite color? You can apply your favorite color in much stuff that you have, as your room color, and you will feel glad to do many activities with your stuffs or in your room. For example, if you love purple color, you can apply it in your room or in your interior home. [...]

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Center Table Designs Living Rooms

Living room is the face of our home. We will show our family’s personality to our guests by showing our living room’s situation and decoration. Due to the decoration is influence the living room’s impression, we have to determine the decoration of our living room seriously. It is important to choose the best design for [...]

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Small Home Interior Decoration Ideas

Organize small home interior decoration usually makes us confused. Sometimes we want to save or display all of collection stuffs that we have. For example, we have a bedroom with 2×3 meters size but we want to place the bed frame, wardrobe, books, and even the equipment to support our hobby. Usually, we want to [...]

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How To Decorate A Wall Perfectly?

How to decorate a wall? This question looks simple but it has an important reason to be answered. A plain wall will not interesting for every people who see it. Make our interior wall become an interesting wall is a fun activity that we can do to spend our spare time. This activity is start [...]

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Choose The Fittest Decor Mirrors For Each Room

What will you think about mirror? It is one of much important furniture that should be present inside our home. Mirrors usually identical with the bedroom and bathroom, but actually, we can place the mirror in every room of our home. Why? What’s the best answer to place the mirrors in each room? What the [...]

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