Ideas of Bathroom Designs for Small Bathrooms

Bathroom is a special place for all family members. Bathroom is the only place for a family for bathe, clean, and refreshes their body after doing many activities during the days. A bathroom is a pleasant room that will make us feel relax and enjoy the freshness of the water, but a small bathroom could [...]

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Build Bathrooms With Grey Cabinets

Cabinets are very useful for us; we can exploit the cabinets as storages by saving anything inside cabinets. Or we can place the cabinets in living room or family room and display our collection inside it. Cabinets are also useful in our bathroom; we can decorate our bathroom with grey cabinets and save our bathe [...]

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Multipurpose Bathroom Wall Shelves Decoration

A bathroom is needed to be installed in every house because it is an important requirement as a place to wash our body, brush our teeth, and do another bathe activity. Inside the bathroom, we usually install a bathtub, wash basin, and shower. All of them will help us refresh our body after doing activities [...]

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Storage Ideas For Small Bathroom

Small home designed usually have small sized rooms inside it. Include the bathroom. Then, how can we decorate our bathroom but keep it looks commodious? We need storage inside the bathroom to place our bathroom equipment such as soap, shampoo, tooth brush, tooth paste, towel, and the other equipments. There are many storage ideas for [...]

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Elegant Minimalist Bathroom For Small Bathroom

Bathroom is the only place that is used to clean our body from dusts and wastes that are adhered in our body. Bathroom is also used as a place to express our selves such as singing, using the mirror, neat our hair, and many other activities. But, somebody have a small sized bathroom in their [...]

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