Simple and Minimalist Sofa Design

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All the room almost has this furniture. Starting from the living room, family room and the bedroom, sofa mostly found in every room of the house. Sofa has multifunction, not only for sitting, but also for laying. Sometimes people choose their sofa based on the functions. For example, the sofa in living room is usually large and thick. Selecting sofa itself is also seen from the materials, colors and designs. There are so many sofa design like classic sofa design, modern, classic or simple sofa design. There are sofa that has so many details design and simple design.
simple sofa design
Simple sofa design is the most popular design which is selected by young couple. That design usually does not have details design. That sofa has flexibility that could be placed in everywhere, for example, living room, family room or bedroom. Beside that the simple design doesn’t spend large place. There are so many colors that we can select, bright or pastel. it is depend on the owner.
modern sofa design
In the simple design, there is not too many details. Sometimes there is no detail in every-sofa. Pillow is one of the accessories in sofa. To make eye-catching effect, people put different color for the sofa and the pillow. For example, if the color for sofa is white so the color of the pillow is red or black. Shocking color is the most favorite color to make the sofa more interesting. Although there aren’t details on the sofa, it still makes the sofa be a unique stuff in the living room. makes person feel comfort to stay there.
modern and simple sofa
Sofa has various kinds of sizes and shapes. There is sofa for one person, two person, or three until for persons. Simple sofa design sometimes just for one or two person. Small size in that sofa gives simple impression. However, there is also large size in simple sofa design.
Simple design sofa has various prices. In this time simple design sofa is more expensive than the others. The price is expensive because of the good quality. Sometimes the price is high because of the simple design. The reason why people select simple design for their sofa is for some reasonable things. The simple design is more flexible to be placed everywhere. It can be as bedroom furniture. Sofa in the bedroom is usually made for one person who usually use that for read some book or for make a call.

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