Minimalist Wood Sinks Design

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Sink is one of bathroom part. It is usually located inside or outside bathroom or inside bedroom. The functions of sink are for toothbrush, wash hands, or wash faces. Almost the bathroom has it. There are so many sink designs. Such as modern glass sink, stone sink, or minimalist wood sink. Nowadays most people likes natural things, includes when they decorate their bathroom.

Minimalist Wood Sink

The favorite one sink is from wood, it has natural and minimalist design. Minimalist wood sink could be an option. This sink made from wood. Rosewood and teak are wood commonly used. Those woods have a good quality for make a sink. This wood is also easy to clean. Some people who want some natural design usually choose this one for their collection, for their bathroom furniture.

Minimalist wood sink has a simple design. The shape of this sinks usually are circle, oval or sometimes square. The faucet of this sink is usually made from stainless steel. It makes a design more simple and natural. This design doesn’t have accessories, just simple design without anything.

Minimalist Wood Sink Design

For some restaurant, minimalist wood sink is the favorite one to complete the facilities for visitors. It can be accessories too because of the natural design. The restaurant which used this sink design is usually the restaurant that has a natural concept. Besides wood sink, they sometimes choose stone sinks. Those designs have same concept, natural and simple. Besides for the restaurant, this design is also suitable for lodgment furniture like bungalow or villa in the beach. This design sometimes is provide added value for some place.

Minimalist And Simple Wood Sink

Making a minimalist wood sink is easy and the design is not too difficult. This design has a various price. It is depend on the quality. Usually, sink that made from teak is more expensive than sink which is made from the ordinary wood. This design is different from the other design. For example, if the stone sink is heavier than wood sink. And compared with glass sink, glass sink is cracked easily than wood sink. But, wood sink has a little option from the color, doesn’t same with glass sink design which has a lot of color. Wood sink design just has tan or brown color as an option. And if the sink fall down, it is more dangerous when the glass sink fall down than if the wood sinks fall down.  But because of the color, some people often to look for. The wood color is what makes it interesting.

Minimalist Wood Sinks Design: Minimalist Wood SinkMinimalist Wood Sinks Design: Minimalist Wood Sink DesignMinimalist Wood Sinks Design: Minimalist And Simple Wood Sink

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