Bookshelf Ideas For Small Spaces

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Book is a good thing for every people. Reading a book is become a popular hobby in this world. No wonder if someone has many book collections in his room. But sometimes they are confused how to keep and save their book collection, especially if their home has small spaces. Bookshelf ideas for small spaces may become a good solution. You can decorate your room, especially your wall to make it multifunction furniture. You can put your book there safety and also it can be an accessory for your room.Bookshelf Ideas For Small Spaces

There are many options to about bookshelf ideas for small spaces. Usually unique and simple bookshelf design is the most favorite option for your room. When you want to build one of bookshelves you must remove every accessory first, especially if your book collection is too much. You must measure the desire height of your bookshelf from the ceiling down. You can hang art from the bookshelves to break up the space. You have to give the wallpaper or paint the back of your shelves to make it contrast. So if in the space of your book shelves there isn’t book, the view is still good and unique. You can choose wooden material to make simple book shelves. Oak, cherry and maple are the best quality of wood to build the book shelves.Bookshelf Ideas For Small Space

Install lighting for your bookshelf ideas for small spaces to make it more interesting. You can put a mini spotlight for sculptures or standing pottery to make it like in a museum. You can put the glass door into your wall book shelves. It will save your book from the dust and the other bug. This book shelves can put in your private room. You can put the cozy sofa, tape and some electronic tools to make your day become a better day after you do your activities.Bookshelves Ideas For Small Spaces

To arrange your book collection, you can divide it into the several types. For example you can safe magazine in the bottom of your bookshelves and then you can divide fiction book with the non-fiction book on the top on your shelves. Don’t forget to give a mini catalog for your bookshelves like in the book store or in the library. It will help you when you want to look for your collection, or when your friends want to borrow your book collection. You can put your mini catalog on the place that can easy to look.

Bookshelf Ideas For Small Spaces: Bookshelf Ideas For Small SpacesBookshelf Ideas For Small Spaces: Bookshelf Ideas For Small SpaceBookshelf Ideas For Small Spaces: Bookshelves Ideas For Small Spaces

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