Retro Wall Mirror Design

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Mirror is one of favorite stuff in the house. There are so many types, sizes, and design. Selecting right style mirror can make the room more beautiful. This is some style and types of mirror that can you choose before you put it in your house.

Retro Wall Mirror

First, you must choose what type mirror do you want, for example wall mirror or floor mirror. And then, you can choose the shape of mirror, such as square or oval. The design must suitable with the room decoration. You can choose modern wall mirror or retro wall mirror as your option. You must match your mirror design with the interior design in your room.

Nowadays, there are so many people come back in the 80’s fashion. Sometimes they decorate their room with retro look. It can be ideas to decorate your room with retro accessories. For example, you can put retro wall mirror as accessories in the living room or make your living room with retro look. Besides that, if you want to put some retro look in your room, you also decorate the chair with floral design that remembers us with retro fashion. Or you can give retro effect in the furniture. Like sofa, table, window or rugs. there are so many option to make your room more beautiful and unique than before.

Retro Wall Mirror Design

Retro wall mirror has a unique design. They have kinds of shape and sizes. The shape of this mirror is extra ordinary with unique design, such as floral design.  This mirror has the unique frame. There are so many kinds of frame. Comparing with modern wall mirror, this mirror has complicated design and frame.

You can put this mirror in the living room or in the bedroom. Because of the complicated design, so don’t put it in the room that has so many accessories. for small room you can choose mirror that has large size. Put it in front of window or the light. So the mirror can give larger effect in the room. Sometimes the price of this mirror is more expensive than ordinary mirror. It is because the design is difficult to find.

Retro Wall MIrror Look

Combining the modern design with the retro wall mirror is good idea to make your room unique. Color full wall will be great if you put mirror as accessories. You can imagine how beautiful if simple room with white color will be more beautiful if you put some little accessories.

Retro Wall Mirror Design: Retro Wall MIrror LookRetro Wall Mirror Design: Retro Wall Mirror DesignRetro Wall Mirror Design: Retro Wall Mirror

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