Modern and Funky Mirror Look

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Nowadays, mirror is became accessories in the house. It is not only put in the bedroom, but in the living room or bathroom also. Not only house, but also hotel use mirror to become accessories. There are so many mirror design that you can choose. This is some tips to decorate mirror becomes modern and funky mirror.

Modern And Funky Mirror

First, you must give attention to your mirror location.  If your room is so small and narrow, you can choose mirror with large size.  A large square mirror can give the interior dimension. It will give larger effect to your room. And then put it opposite window or lamp to reflect light through the room.

After that, gives some accessories in the mirror. For example, frame your mirror for classic look, or place a much larger frame around it and attach the mirror directly to the wall for a modern and funky mirror. You also mix your mirror shape, for example combine the square mirror with the oval or round mirror to give geometric effect. you also can put your hand made accessories around mirror frame, for example, put the picture in the mirror frame, or put the others handmade to make the mirror becomes unique.

Modern And Funky Mirror Design

Modern and funky mirror look can be got from glass and worn silver also. Silver is effect to make the mirror more elegant.  Simple paint technique and tricks also can give a modern effect. You can paint the mirror by your own. Selecting right paint will make mirror become a funky effect. For example, add silver color to make modern effect. The unique frame is the typical of funky mirror. There are so many types of mirror frame sizes. The color is also color full and bright.  The unique shape also the typical of funky mirror. Not only square or oval, not symmetrical shape can be a good choose for funky mirror design.

Modern And Funky Mirror Look

Most of people put the funky mirror in their living room to become accessories. It will make the room more beautiful. It can be possible if in the one room more than one mirror put in there. Glass and stainless steel is example material for modern mirror. Simple and minimalist is the modern concept. This design make mirror can put everywhere such as in the bathroom or in the lobby hotel. For teen and young this design becomes favorite option. Besides unique, this design gives modern effect for the room.

Modern and Funky Mirror Look: Modern And Funky MirrorModern and Funky Mirror Look: Modern And Funky Mirror DesignModern and Funky Mirror Look: Modern And Funky Mirror Look

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