Open Space Kitchen Design

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For small house, open room is the best way to make room larger. It can be possible to make an open concept floor plan with the kitchen, living room and dining area all open to each other in one large space. This concept makes a small house feel larger. This is some tips to decorate small house feel larger with open-room concept.

Open Space Kitchen Design

First, you must choose paint color carefully. You must choose different color for each room. It will help you to separate open space kitchen areas with dining room, or separates living room with dining room. But don’t to much give different tone in every color. It is also applies when you choose furniture for each room. Select similar furniture, for example with the modern furniture concept but different color. Choose the same wood or material and basic style of furniture for each section of your room.

For open space kitchen, you can put appliances, cabinets and storage units to use around wall space. Cooking and preparing food be located in the central of kitchen. You can design your kitchen with your favorite colors and texture, for example use plenty of wood, tile, and stone. Arrange the matching design for seats with bar stools. You can use bar stools to separate between kitchen and dining room.

Modern Open Space Kitchen


Open space kitchen make accessible space for family member. You also can put television and other media players in your kitchen. You can cook while listening to music or watching the news. To make the room larger, you can add light colored paint in the kitchen. Include a sliding glass door to open onto a patio or deck from the kitchen.


To make modern open space kitchen, you can add skylights and plenty of windows on exterior walls to open up kitchen space. Adding accessories in the room also give modern effect for kitchen. For example, adding wooden rack or metal units, and use rolling pins or antique pots in the kitchen. But don’t put too much tools in the kitchen because it will make kitchen feel narrow.

Open Space Kitchen


This concept can apply in the small house. It will make house look larger. But it is can apply in the large house also. Open space kitchen concept makes the house atmosphere warmer and intimate atmosphere or each family member. It gives simple and modern effect also. You can merge kitchen with dining room for gathering with family member.

Open Space Kitchen Design: Open Space KitchenOpen Space Kitchen Design: Modern Open Space KitchenOpen Space Kitchen Design: Open Space Kitchen Design

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