Modern Kitchen Plan Design

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Kitchen is main part of designing home. Besides living room, bedroom and dining room, kitchen is the important part that home to have. As we know, the function of kitchen is for processing and preparing food. Nowadays, there are two concept kitchen, dry kitchen and wet kitchen. Wet kitchen is located in the back of home. The function of wet kitchen is for cooking some food, and the function of dry kitchen is for preparing food.
modern kitchen design 2012
In this modern era, some people usually want minimalist and simple thing. The wet kitchen and dry kitchen concept isn’t match in modern concept. Modern kitchen plan use simple and minimalist concept. This concept combines two functions of wet kitchen and dry kitchen. So people can cook and prepare food in the same place. Selecting the right tools is a must to design the modern kitchen. Oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher are example of functional tools in modern kitchen. Those tools usually merge in the one furniture. The others main tools in the kitchen are stove-flat that make tidy, clean and stylish effect.
modern kitchen furniture
However, modern kitchen plan is not suitable for family who has big member. Modern kitchen is designing for people who stay in apartment or small home. Like I said above, the basic concept in this design is simple modern and also stylish. Time by time the function of kitchen is not only for cooking. Nowadays, some people are eating, watching television, or listening to music in the kitchen. So that’s the reason why the tool in the kitchen is must functional.
modern kitchen design ideas
Modern kitchen plan usually use black, white, or dark maroon for coloring the furniture. In 2012, white is a trend color for kitchen design. White gives tidy, clean and large effect, black and dark maroon give glamour effect. To make glamour effect, we also can use glossy effect in the furniture. We can use some glass for vase, plate and glass. Besides that, we also can make modern effect in the lighting setting in the kitchen. Don’t put too much tools in the kitchen, because simple and minimalist are basic concept in the modern kitchen design. To make more minimalist kitchen, we also combining dining table beside dishwasher, selecting small chair which is made from steel, and selecting wood for the kitchen material. Wood makes hommy and warm effect. This material suitable use in the apartment where have small space for the kitchen.

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