Modern Kitchen Lighting Plan

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Nowadays, kitchen is the important part of building home. As we know, the function of kitchen is for cooking and preparing food. However, in this modern era, there is the other function of kitchen. Besides eating and cooking, now people can use kitchen for gathering, watching television and listening to the music. Because of so many kitchen functions, we must make a comfortable place for kitchen. To make it happen we must make a good kitchen lighting plan. Lighting is the important part to make a good situation in the kitchen. Comfort and warm is a good condition for cooking and gathering.

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Cooking will be a good activity if the situation support. Lighting is one part to support that. There are two types of kitchen lighting plan, general light and optional light. General light is lighting which is use down-light lamp. Lighting with general light produce spread light to all room. There are two types of general light, tube lamp and flourescent lamp. The other type of lighting is optional lighting. Optional lighting usually located in cupboard. We use it just when we need it, when we open cupboard lamp will turn on. And the lamp will turn off if we close the cupboard automatically. When the lamp is producing strong light, we just need one lamp to support it. General lamp is the best choice.
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Kitchen lighting plan is important for selecting atmosphere which will we make in kitchen. Some people said if we want cozy and warm atmosphere we can select yellowish lamp, but if we want some cherish atmosphere, we can select white lamp which is brighter. We also can combine it, when we want warmer situation we can select yellowish lamp. There are two type design of lamp. We also can select minimalist or contemporary lamp. Minimalist design will suitable in the kitchen modern design. And contemporary lamp will suitable in the classic kitchen design.
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Besides lamp, to make good lighting in the kitchen we also can use sunlight. Lighting from the sun is important also. We can set the lighting from it. To make kitchen more naturally, we can use light from sunlight. Sunlight also can kill the danger microbe. To get good sunlight we must adjust window size. When getting good sunlight, we can turn off lamp in the noon day. Combining nature and technology is a good way to make good kitchen lighting plan. We can save electricity when we combine it.

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