Keep Your Living Room Kitchen Clean

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Small home complete with its simple home design become a popular home style in the entire of the world. You can choose this home style to be your home style and design your interior home with a simple interior design if you have a family that is consist of you and your couple only. If you have some kids and another family member with you, you better build a bigger house with the home design that is suitable for it.Living Room Kitchen

If your home is too small for you to build a living room, dinning room and kitchen separately, you can merge those three rooms in only one room. How can we make it? One of many solutions is applying a living room kitchen concept. In this living room concept, you are allowed to merge your living room, kitchen and dinette in a room without any separation. You can build a small sized living room with sofas or seats and a small table in the center of the sofas; you also can place a small dinning table with seats that is enough for your family member beside the small open kitchen area.Living Room Open Kitchen

Don’t place too much furniture that will make your living room kitchen looks full and felt tighter. Place main furniture only and some complement furniture that you will need. Due to you will use your kitchen every day, you have to be diligent to clean it after you use it and make sure that the smell is not bad because you will welcome your guests in the same room with your kitchen. Don’t make your guests feel disturbed with the bad smell of your kitchen.Separating Kitchen Living Room

If you have a dinette in your living room kitchen, you have to clean it periodically too, because it will influence your living room kitchen’s appearance and automatically influence your guests’ estimation of your family. In essentials, the cleanness of your living room kitchen is very important for you to remember.

Keep Your Living Room Kitchen Clean: Living Room KitchenKeep Your Living Room Kitchen Clean: Living Room Open KitchenKeep Your Living Room Kitchen Clean: Separating Kitchen Living Room

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