Understanding Jay Shafer Tiny Houses

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If you want to have a small house for your small family, you can consider building or buying the Jay Shafer tiny houses. There are two versions of the tumbleweed small house from Jay Shafer that you can choose according to your family member. One of them is the only one floor tumbleweed small houses with extra bedroom. In to the bargain, you will get a small terrace in front of your house before you come in to the big room. There are bathroom and the kitchen area in the backside; and also a small sized room beside the terrace.Jay Shafer Tiny Houses

The other version is the Jay Shafer tiny houses with two floors. You will find the same room in the first floor. In the upstairs, you will get a loft bedroom and small loft storage. The extra bedroom of the one floor tumbleweed small houses is located in the backside of the house, behind the kitchen area. You can choose the tumbleweed small house that you like between these two versions.Jay Shafer Tiny Homes

To have this Jay Shafer tiny houses, you have to considering your budget. This Jay Shafer tiny houses price is not too expensive, but also not cheap. The materials price that will be used to build the tumbleweed small house is around $ 26.000 to $ 33.000. In large measure, the cost is dependent on your choice, if you want to build an extra bedroom; you need to prepare the extra budget for around $ 695.Jay Shafer Tiny Houses Picture

In your tumbleweed small house, you can put many appliances that you need, for example, you can insert the washing machine with the dryer in your laundry area, completing your kitchen with the oven, microwave, and dish washer. Don’t worry about the space of these appliances. Your tumbleweed small house will give you enough space for your appliances, so don’t be hesitating to build / buy this tumbleweed small house.

Understanding Jay Shafer Tiny Houses: Jay Shafer Tiny HousesUnderstanding Jay Shafer Tiny Houses: Jay Shafer Tiny HomesUnderstanding Jay Shafer Tiny Houses: Jay Shafer Tiny Houses Picture

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