Get Acquainted With Schucart Dow

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Do you know what is schuchart dow? It is a company with the great design portfolio from Seattle. Some old project of this company is urban condominiums, single-family residence, island retreats and vacation properties. This company is built in Hawaii Islands by Architect Olson Kundig. This company was born in two thousands four (2004) by George Schuchart and Jim Dow (Jim’s roles include strategist and mentor), and it is leader is Dow’s miter, Schuchart, John Hoedemaker is the general manager of this company (be a partner in two thousands eight (2008)), and Fulks Jerry. The company’s job has been publicized in Wall Street journal, Architectural Record, and Metropolitan Home and Seattle Homes and Lifestyles.

Schuchart Dow Classic Traditional House

Schuchart Dow offer unsurpassed expertise and customer service to every client they serve. There are some of many projects of the Schuchart Dow: Broadmoor Residence (Sophisticated Design on a Fast Timeline); Lawtonwood Remodel (Honoring History and the Environment); Tye River Cabin (Comfort and Functionality on a Small Footprint); Ward Street (Concrete and Steel Modern inside a Solid Old Shell); Slaughterhouse Beach House (High Surf Meet High Tech).

Schuchart Dow Construction

Schucart Dow is always using wood in every project they have. They refer to the natural theme in their entire project. The pool or pond is always used in their project because that pond or pool is giving composed sensation and makes every body who stay there feel more and more relax. Because of their best consideration, propensity, managerial; and also the perfect attachment of some kind, they always create an elegant, please, calm, and natural residences.


No wonder that they set expensive prices to their project. But, we can give all minds to the style of the house that they built. By pay attention to the house and residential that they have built, we will know the best construction to build a comfortable residence.


Get Acquainted With Schucart Dow: Schuchart Dow Classic Traditional HouseGet Acquainted With Schucart Dow: Schuchart Dow ConstructionGet Acquainted With Schucart Dow: Lawtonwood_Residence_by_Schuchart_Dow

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