Installing Linoleum By Your Self

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What is linoleum? It is a flooring cover made of linseed oil that has been mixed with the wood powder or cork powder and adhered in the stuffs that have a strong fiber basic materials and canvas. There are three sorts of linoleum: marbleleum, artoleum, and Walton. In the installation, all kinds of linoleum are able to be blended. Even, we are allowed to cut the materials suit to our wanted to get the floor design and shape that we want.Installing Linoleum

There are several special quality from the linoleum: (1) They made of natural materials, so they will be safe for our family, durable, and not easy to be broken. (2) They have a good strength to hold some heavy load and wheeled stuffs. (3) They are flame resistant and difficult to be burned. When some one drops the cigarette to the linoleum, it will have no trace. (4) They are hygiene and anti bacteria permanently. (5) Economical. (6) They have several decorative designs and they are able to be blended.

There are some steps to installing linoleum flooring in your house by your self. (1) First, before installing the linoleum flooring, you have to make sure that the cement floor has been dried and flat. The water humidity and the waved surface of the floor will influence the results quality. (2) If the floor is ready, the next step is agglutination. Make sure that the glue is level attached to make strong linoleum agglutination. You can install the linoleum when the glue is half dried and neat the lines. The good utilization of the tools and glue will be the first important factor that determines the quality.Installing Linoleum Tiles

There were the ways to installing linoleum step by step if you want to install them by your self. You also can use the linoleum installer service if you feel the ways to installing linoleum is too difficult.

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