Unique Pictures Of Bay Window

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A portion of windows functions is to make a fluctuation of the air faster, as the tunnel entrance of the lights, and also to see the outside or inside the rooms. In Indonesia the windows shapes generally flat and level with the walls. But there is the other windows shape that will give the more optimal effect for the functions above. The shape is a bay window. If we see the bay window from the inside of the rooms, it will seem a cleft. Generally, bay window has a semicircle shape, half of hexagonal shape, even half of octagon shape. Those models is not strange to use in European houses or American houses. These windows model have a several excess as compared to the usual windows model.

Bay Window

(1) First, there are so much more lights those are able to come in to the rooms because the part of the glass is able to make wider. (2) Second, the airs that come in to the rooms are freer to come inside and the opening is bigger. (3) Third, the angle of view is wider. The occupants inside the house are able to see much more views outside the house. (4) Forth, the clefts part is available to be used as chair, relax place, or even a table. Certainly, it will be very comfort to relaxing while enjoying the views outside the house or reading the newspaper in the morning with a cup of coffee in while sitting in the bay window.

Bay Window Seats

This pictures of bay window is able to place in your living room, family room, bedroom, or even in your kitchen of your house. Installing this type of window in your room will make your rooms seem wider and will make everybody who comes in to your house feels comfort and free. There are many reasons to create a bay window in your home. Would you like to install it?

Kitchen Bay Window

Unique Pictures Of Bay Window: Bay WindowUnique Pictures Of Bay Window: Bay Window SeatsUnique Pictures Of Bay Window: Kitchen Bay Window

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