Unique and Strange Coffee Mug Designs

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There are millions unique designs of coffee mug in this world. But now, we will not talk about all of them, because they are too much. In this occasion, we will talk about several coffee mug designs which are unique and strange. What are they? Let us see together.

Teeth Mug is the first unique and strange coffee mug. The “teeth” of this coffee mug is only in the left side, so you can drink your coffee from the right side. But you are not prohibited to drink your coffee from the teeth side.

Moustache Mug is designed to melt down the ambience by the belly laugh or just a little smile. I am sure; nobody will not laugh if see someone drinking the coffee with this unique but funny coffee mug.

Moustache Mugs

Snout Cup is the other unique coffee mug that will make everybody laughing. If the coffee drinkers drink their coffee until the coffee mug is empty, their nose will have a shape that are resemble with an animals nose. Which shape do you prefer to?

Face Mug is also a unique coffee mug that you can try. Usually, if we are drinking our coffee, we would like to have a snack too. To retrench the snacks and coffee place, we can use this mug. This face mug has a small hole under the coffee place. You can put your cookies inside this. It’s multipurpose, isn’t it?

Face Coffee Mug Design

Coffee Bean Mug is the most unique coffee mug, but also the coolest coffee mug. The entire of the coffee mug is laminated by the real coffee seed. If you use this coffee mug to drink your coffee, the taste of the coffee will be very strong.

The Last unique coffee mug is Camera Zoom Lens Mug. This mug is created to the photographer and designed as resemble as the real camera zoom lens.

Coffee Bean MugCamera Coffee Mug Design

Unique and Strange Coffee Mug Designs: Moustache MugsUnique and Strange Coffee Mug Designs: Face Coffee Mug DesignUnique and Strange Coffee Mug Designs: Coffee Bean MugUnique and Strange Coffee Mug Designs: Camera Coffee Mug Design

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