Installing Exterior Door Jamb By Ourselves

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A new interesting door will make your home world felt different. A door jamb is very important to make your home burglarproof. Many people have a weak door, by one good kick, their door will open easily. You don’t want to have a door like that, do you? So, you have to make a strong door to protect you and your family from the thief. Door jamb is the vertical part of the frame in the edges of the door. If you have to replace or repair the door jamb, you better change it with the new door jamb. The installation of the new exterior door jamb is not difficult. You can learn it and understand the simple steps.Exterior Door Jamb

Before installing a new exterior door jamb, you have to prepare the tools and the materials that you will use to install a new exterior door jamb. There are some tools and materials that should be prepared: wood studs, two door jambs, electric saw, electric drilling machine, hammer, tape measure, nails, and pencil. Make sure that the tools and the materials are complete before you reinstall the exterior door jamb. Next, there are the steps:Build An Exterior Door Jamb

(1) Measure the height and the wide of the door using the tape measurement. The door jamb should be bigger than the door to make it fit when you swing in open and close. Add several inches / centimeters in every edges to smooth the door way. (2) Cut two studs according to the measurement using the electric saw. Set them vertically in every sides of the door. (3) Cut one stud of the width and place it in the opened door. Nail this in the header to the stud in the side. Now, you have a frame.Interior Door Jamb

4) Nail one jamb to the wood frame on the hinge side. You will hang the door here. Wedge thin wooden shims between the frame and the door jamb. (5) Nail the other door jambs to the wood frame. (6) Mark the place for the hinge with the pencil. (7) Install the hinge in the place that you’ve mark. (8) Hang the door by encloses it in to the hinge. (9) make sure that the door will swing freely and it has spaces to open and close. Is it easy to install the exterior door jamb by your self?

Installing Exterior Door Jamb By Ourselves: Exterior Door JambInstalling Exterior Door Jamb By Ourselves: Build An Exterior Door JambInstalling Exterior Door Jamb By Ourselves: Interior Door Jamb

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