How to Painting Exterior Wood

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We usually use the woods materials to decorate the inside of our home, such as the materials of wood flooring, chairs, tables, cabinets, wardrobe, storage boxes, and much other stuff. But sometimes, we also need these woods materials to decorate the exterior of our home. For example, we need them to make a rail fence / palisades, swing set for children’s play ground, garden benches, and the others. We have to remember that the paint that we use to paint the interior woods with the paint that we use to paint the exterior wood is different.Painting Exterior Wood

Perhaps, we can use any types of paints to coloring our interior woods stuffs because they are protected from the sun rays and rains. How about the exterior woods? They have to face the extreme weathers, such as blazing hot and rainstorm. They need more protection than the interior woods furniture. To solve this problem, this article will give you some information about painting exterior wood.Paint Exterior Wood

One of many exterior woods paints is the transparent woods paint. This woods paint will make your exterior woods looks more natural and beautiful. This kind of paint wills mot cover the woods fibers, so you will see the woods textures there. The woods color will looks brighter or darker, but the woods fiber is still appear. Your painting exterior wood activities will pleasanter by this paint. One more, this transparent woods paint is also able to protect the exterior woods from the ultra violet rays. It won’t let your exterior woods color faded and moldy.Exterior Wood Painting

There are several steps to painting exterior wood with the transparent woods paint. (1) Refine the woods surface using the sand paper after you plane the woods. (2) Laminate the surface of the woods with the transparent woods paint using the small brush for painting; hush them until they ran dry. It is very simple, isn’t it? To make the exterior woods looks good in along the time, you better paint the surface of the exterior woods once a year.

How to Painting Exterior Wood: Painting Exterior WoodHow to Painting Exterior Wood: Paint Exterior WoodHow to Painting Exterior Wood: Exterior Wood Painting

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