How To make A Cornice By Ourselves

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All of us want to make a beautiful and comfortable room. That’s why, many people looking for ornament to decorate their home. We can try to make the homes ornament by our selves to retrench our money and beautify our home with a home made decoration. For example, we can use the cornice in our room’s walls. We don’t need to buy them, but we can try to make them. Now, let us read this article which talk about how to make a cornice from board by our selves. There are seven steps to make the cornice by our selves, let us follow them step by step.

How To Make A Cornice

(1)   First, fix the measures. If you have fixed the tall, thickness, and the wide of the cornice board, cut the laminate board appropriate for the measures. Label the top, front, and side pieces with a board marker.

(2)   Determine the batting Position. Before assembling the cornice board, set the crown molding and the corner molding in front and the side of cornice board, and mark their placements. This will determine the batting position.

(3)   Attach the sides to the cornice board. Use the wood glue to enclose the sides cornice board to the front and safe it with screws. Repeat the process to add the top to the front and side assembled.

Wooden Cornice

(4)   Cut the fabric. When the cornice board is rafted, it is ready to be filled and closed with fabric. To determine the wide and length the fabric, measure from one side in the front to the other sides. Determine the length with measure from the front bottom of the cornice board, the front, and the top. Add 4 inches to both of the wide and length measurements.

(5)   Attach the batting and fabric.

(6)   Cut the molding.

(7)   Paint the molding and hang the board.

There are all of the steps to make a cornice board by our selves.

Window Cornice

How To make A Cornice By Ourselves: How To Make A CorniceHow To make A Cornice By Ourselves: Wooden CorniceHow To make A Cornice By Ourselves: Window Cornice

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