Installing Landscape Lighting By Your Self

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Installing landscape lighting lacked for carefulness and imagination. A special skill is not needed, except you will install the landscape lighting in the highest difficulty level. It is difficult if the number of the lighting is more than three or due to the garden size is too big and there are many directions that you want to place the landscape lighting. For a small garden, you can install the landscape lighting by your self. The most important thing that you have to consider is the selection of the lamp kinds, the safety of the cables installation, and determines the place that you want to evident.Installing Landscape Lighting

There are some steps to installing landscape lighting: The first step is determined the lamps spots. Next, make the groove of cables installation from the nearest electric socket to the lamps spots. You better make the groove adhere to the walls. The third step is digging the ground accord with the groove of cable installation, with 20centimeters depth. Then, cut the PVC pipe accord to the groove. Paint the pipe. The fifth step is inserting the cables to the pipe and plants it in the ground. The last is connecting the end of the cables to the landscape lighting and the other end to the electric socket.Decorating Landscape Lightings

Before installing landscape lighting you better know this information:

  1. Use the lamps that are water resistant. The types of the lamps inter alia fluorescent lamps or the phosphorescent lamps. This kind of lamps is different with the indoor lamp, it will hold out the water and not easy to get the short circuit.
  2. Choose the lamp with the low voltages (+12volt). It will prevent the fatal accident when the electric current is leak. In to the bargain, the low voltages have a small potential to hurt our body and cause the fire.
  3. Use the right cables. The cable type selections in important because it be related to the voltage of electricity energy.Position Landscape Lighting
Installing Landscape Lighting By Your Self: Installing Landscape LightingInstalling Landscape Lighting By Your Self: Position Landscape LightingInstalling Landscape Lighting By Your Self: Decorating Landscape Lightings

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