Suspeneded Sphere Theme Furniture

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Suspended sphere décor is the interesting interior. You can use it in your bedroom or your private room. If you want to make the event in the night, you can use it for your lighting. Moreover if your event in the outdoor. It will more beautiful when you use it. For example is flower ball in the bedroom or lighted Christmas ball.  

Suspeneded Sphare Theme

When you want to make an outdoor event, suspended sphere décor is the good choice. You can put colorful lamp ball and hang it in the garden. You can make it from paper craft. Add the lamp inside the colorful paper craft. Birthday party will more cheerful when you put it in the garden. The others suspended décor is the flower ball for your bedroom.

This is some tips how to hang the ornament on the bedroom. First, you have to choose a flower ball that made of dry foam or artificial flowers. It will prevent the dipping that will occur if you hang a ball of wet flower. After that, you can select the flower ball with the blooms with complement the color of your existing bedroom décor. You can choose the bright color like purple, yellow, pink, red, and the others.

Suspended Sphare Decore

Ribbon is the good choice to make the suspended ornament. It will beautify the room. You can hang a flower ball above your bed in place of chandelier or light fixture. Besides that you also can hang the suspended sphere décor above your table. It will make your dressing table look cheerful and beautiful. Usually this ornament is suitable for girl or young women who want the girly and simple design for their room. it is also suitable for kids decoration. You can change the paper craft with the animal picture or cartoon picture. So when the light is turn on they can see their favorite thing on the wall. Or if you want make it more special, you can add the favorite thing on the lamp. But you must use the special material lamp, not like paper craft. It has to have the strong material.

Suspended Sphare Design

It is also becomes the alternative décor for kids birthday party. You can make by your own. It is cheaper and simple to make the beautiful decoration. The important thing when you want to decorate your room with this ornament is the size and the location design. You must measure the space with the size of your ornament. Lamp is the favorite suspended décor when the event is not to formal and casual.

Suspeneded Sphere Theme Furniture: Suspended Sphare DesignSuspeneded Sphere Theme Furniture: Suspended Sphare DecoreSuspeneded Sphere Theme Furniture: Suspeneded Sphare Theme

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