Clear Glass Coasters Needless Complications

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We can serve many kinds of drink on the table. Oft, the dew that comes from the cold water will break our wood table’s varnish. It makes our wood table color becomes spot or stripe. If we use the coasters, we will make our wood table more long lasting. Into the bargain, coasters usually use to be wedding souvenir and gifts.  Coasters divided in to several kinds according to the materials. There are metal, tin, bamboo, plastic, palm leaf rib woven product, pandanus plaited mats, exotic batik, glass and wood. Let see how we can use the clear glass coasters.

Round Clear Glass Coasters


When our friends or our family come to our residential, we usually set the table with some snacks and drinks. But, sometimes, we need to modify our table to interest bearing our guest. How to go about it? Buy a new table? We can try another simple style with using clear glass coasters. It can be used to lining our drinking glass, snack jars, bottles, vases, and another ware. It formed of glasses and it makes our wares which we put on it looks luxurious and expensive. Moreover, it’s available in many shapes, with a variety of design. Certainly, our guests who visit our house won’t be fed up with when they see our interesting coasters.


Square Clear Glass Coasters

Coasters -especially clear glass coasters- has many kinds of shapes. There are, round shapes, triangle shapes, square shapes, and many others. We can choose them suit to our desire and use it to serve our guests, to display it as decoration in our home, and also to give it as souvenir to our friend or family. How about those unique coasters prices? it looks so luxurious, but it is not as expensive as we guess. The prices are about one dollar ($ 1) up to twenty five dollars ($ 25) per set. It is not expensive enough to create a luxurious impression.

Triangle Clear Glass Coasters


Clear Glass Coasters Needless Complications: Round Clear Glass CoastersClear Glass Coasters Needless Complications: Square Clear Glass CoastersClear Glass Coasters Needless Complications: Triangle Clear Glass Coasters

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