Installing The Retaining Wall Railroad Ties By Ourselves

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Retaining wall railroad ties are able to decorate your backyard or your front page. You can make them by exploit the retaining wall railroad ties installation assistance or by installing them by your self. To help you making them by your self, you can read the information about the materials and tools that you need to make them and the steps to make them inside this article.Retaining Wall Railroad Ties

First, let us see what you need to make the retaining wall railroad ties. Before making the retaining wall railroad ties, you have to prepare the: spade or board, level, measure tape, hammer, drilling machine, chainsaw, rebar, rocks or stones, railroad ties, and nails or L brackets. After you finish preparing the materials and the tools, you are ready to make them by your self, now, let us see the ways step by step. (1) Dig the section of the hill that you want to build a retaining wall railroad ties. (2) Level the ground in the hill with the spade or the board to make them flat. Place the level in the grounds surface. (3) Measure the entire of the length and the width of the retaining wall by the measure tape. First, measure the length from the end to the other ends of the hill. Next, measure the hill from the ground to determine how high you want to make the retaining wall.

Railroad Tie Retaining Wall

The forth (4) step to build the retaining wall railroad ties is lay the first railroad ties set along the ground. Cut every excess from the ends of the railroad ties to suit them with the needed area. (5) Drill a hole about 30.48 centimeters. The holes must be having a big size suit to the rebar size. (6) Insert a rebar for every hole and also the nails in to the ground until they are flat with the surface of the retaining wall railroad ties.Railroad Ties Walls

(7) Start from the second layer, measure the second layer of the railroad ties. Put the stones and meet them in the centre of the railroad ties (in the up and bottom sides). Use the nails or L brackets or the rebar to secure every layer before you add the other railroad layers. Last (8) Add support to each level by filling between the bottom section of the railroad ties and the ground with the rocks or stones. The drainage will also help.

Installing The Retaining Wall Railroad Ties By Ourselves: Retaining Wall Railroad TiesInstalling The Retaining Wall Railroad Ties By Ourselves: Railroad Tie Retaining WallInstalling The Retaining Wall Railroad Ties By Ourselves: Railroad Ties Walls

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