Courtyard Modern Design Ideas

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Some people know that courtyard is just in the back of your house. But actually, courtyard is located in the back, in the side or in front of your house. So many functions of courtyard, sometimes you can get relax in this area. You can put mini garden, or maybe pool if your courtyard is large. There are so many courtyard design ideas that you can choose for your house.Coyrtyard Modern Design Ideas

This is some courtyard design that you can choose in your house. Such as, courtyard forecourt, secret lap pool, outdoor fireplace, courtyard garden, courtyard fountain, courtyard goldfish pool, and courtyard for intimate entertaining. That example courtyard is the most design that people choose for their house.

First is courtyard forecourt, this courtyard is sometimes in front of the house, when the guest entry to the house they will pass the courtyard with the mini garden in front of the house. This courtyard design ideas is suitable for the large house. The second idea is secret lap pool courtyard. It will suitable located in the side or back of house. You can put the mini pool there. It will become your great secret area spending your afternoon time to relaxing after worked.

Courtyard Design

Outdoor fireplace is the great idea located in the courtyard. You can use the fireplace when gathering with your family, in the winter or auntum. They will protect you from the chilly wind in the cold-weather months. If you want to put mini garden in front of your house, you can make courtyard garden there. It will make your house more beautiful and fresh with the trees and the garden inside. This courtyard design idea is also suitable for the small house because this is not spending much space.

Courtyard Design Ideas

So if you didn’t have large space for making a garden, you can make mini garden in your courtyard. You also can put courtyard goldfish pool in your mini garden to make your garden more beautiful. Or you can put the fountain in the middle of your garden. This design will make the cozy and intimate place for gathering with your family.  You can put garden seat near from the goldfish pool or the fountain. The fresh water will make your body relax. For the garden seat you can choose wood or rock material to make it more natural and unique. The wood or rock table and seat also can be accessories for your courtyard.

Courtyard Modern Design Ideas: Courtyard Design IdeasCourtyard Modern Design Ideas: Courtyard DesignCourtyard Modern Design Ideas: Coyrtyard Modern Design Ideas

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