Exploiting Sofa Bed Convert To Ottoman’s Role

Small home complete with its simple home design become a popular home style in the entire of the world. You can choose this home style to be your home style and design your interior home with a simple interior design if you have a family that is consist of you and your couple only. If [...]

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Multipurpose Apartment Sized Sofa

Many people prefer live in apartment to live in a house. They usually confused about the decoration or the style of their small apartment. Are you confusing that problem too? Don’t worry; we will be glad to help you to decorate your small size apartment by giving you an idea about the apartment sized sofa. [...]

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The Comfortable Studio Day Sofa Inside Your Home

There are many ideas about how to decorate and beautify your home. One of them is put one or more studio day sofa inside your home. These studio day sofas are able to put in your living room, family room, even in your bed room. You can put it in your living room to represent [...]

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Comfortable Living Room Area Rugs

Living room is the main area in home. Living room is useful for visitors. But, sometimes living room can use for gathering with family. There are so many furnitures in the living room. Of course sofa and table are the main furniture, and the favorite one is living room area rugs. Rug itself can be [...]

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Simple and Minimalist Sofa Design

All the room almost has this furniture. Starting from the living room, family room and the bedroom, sofa mostly found in every room of the house. Sofa has multifunction, not only for sitting, but also for laying. Sometimes people choose their sofa based on the functions. For example, the sofa in living room is usually [...]

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