Decorative Wall Mirrors For Living Room

Living room is the main room where you will accommodate your guests. Your living room is the face of your family, from the living room decoration; your guests will recognize your family’s personality and your family’s characteristic from the appearance of your living room area. You can show the quality of your family from the [...]

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Choose The Fittest Decor Mirrors For Each Room

What will you think about mirror? It is one of much important furniture that should be present inside our home. Mirrors usually identical with the bedroom and bathroom, but actually, we can place the mirror in every room of our home. Why? What’s the best answer to place the mirrors in each room? What the [...]

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Retro Wall Mirror Design

Mirror is one of favorite stuff in the house. There are so many types, sizes, and design. Selecting right style mirror can make the room more beautiful. This is some style and types of mirror that can you choose before you put it in your house.

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Modern and Funky Mirror Look

Nowadays, mirror is became accessories in the house. It is not only put in the bedroom, but in the living room or bathroom also. Not only house, but also hotel use mirror to become accessories. There are so many mirror design that you can choose. This is some tips to decorate mirror becomes modern and [...]

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