Bubble Wall Air Plant Accessories

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Bubble wall air plant is not too popular in this era. Just a few people knew about this tool. It is a pant that can use to be accessories. Sometimes, some people hang it on the wall, or hang it in with some string. Nowadays, this tool can find in the accessories store. But you also can make this accessories by your own.Bubble Wall Air Plant Ideas

The materials that you must have are small place which is made of glass. You can choose the shape depend on yourself. But sometimes the shape is round or the unique shape.  You can find it in the aquarium store. They usually sell it.  After that you can choose the plant that you will put on the small place. Usually people use lichens and mosses inside. There are air plants that usually use to make a bubble wall air plant.  The small place to make it is called vases. Usually people choose a unique shape to make it.

Bubble Wall Air Palnt Design

Besides the lichens and mosses air plant, there is also tetarium, plant, and pumice that you can put it inside, this plant sometimes for small vases. Actually there are so many kinds of the vases shape. You can choose large, medium, or small sizes. It is depend on your room where will put this accessories.

After that, you can put the plant into vases and also put the water inside. You must change your water once or twice a week to make the plant still alive. To make it more beautiful, you also can put the indirect light inside. The lamp can light the plant, and make it more interesting in the night. Make bubble wall air plant by yourself is sometimes difficult and spend the time. Nowadays, you can buy those accessories in the accessories store or in online shop. You can choose what models that you want to put in your wall. Those accessories can put in the living room, or in the dining room.

Bubbe Wall Air Plant

Bubble wall air plant can be a new thing. Not really people know about this accessories. It can be a new model for home accessories furniture, especially for modern and simple house.  For people who like planting, this is can be a good and unique present. When you choose the models of this accessories, you must adjust with your room design. It is suitable for modern or classic room design. Beside in the living room, this tool also can put in the courtyard or in your mini garden.

Bubble Wall Air Plant Accessories: Bubbe Wall Air PlantBubble Wall Air Plant Accessories: Bubble Wall Air Palnt DesignBubble Wall Air Plant Accessories: Bubble Wall Air Plant Ideas

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