Pure Wood Headboard Design As Bed Decoration

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Headboard has some function, such as prettify the bed, ‘centre piece’ of bedroom, and table to place several stuffs. Nowadays, there are many types of headboard are available, suit to the bed size and model. You can choose the type and model of headboard that is suitable with your interest and your bedrooms theme. If you are planning to install it on your bed, you have to consider the size, style, material, and budget that you have. One of many headboards style is pure wood headboard design. You can consider installing this kind of headboard in your bed.Pure Wood Headboard Design

One of much pure wood headboard design is solid wood headboard. Woods fragment that usually used to make parquet flooring, actually able to be interesting when you install it as a headboard. You can use the solid wood materials to make your own headboard by your self or by the helping hand of the headboards professional. Solid woods are able to radiate the warm feeling by its texture and its wood scratches. The design of this solid wood headboard is very simple. To create a harmony, you better install it in the solid wood divan.Solid Wood Headboard Design

Headboard usually made of fickle thin wood boards laminate with veneer. Glossy is used in finishing of the headboard. There is a wood shelve on it as the place of glasses, books, alarm clock, or desk lamp. The headboard that is made of solid woods usually looks slighter than the other wood headboard, so it will retrench some spaces. As a sweetener, you can add some woods orbs in many sizes and install them asymmetric.Wood Headboard Design

The other pure wood headboard design is the simple panel woods. The materials are the fickle woods, MDF, or plywood. You can laminate the headboards surface with veneer to consolidate the woods impression and make it looks more natural. You can make a niche or shelves on the pure wood headboard design, so you can place your books, newspaper, glasses, alarm clock, desk lamp, and the other stuffs on it.

Pure Wood Headboard Design As Bed Decoration: Pure Wood Headboard DesignPure Wood Headboard Design As Bed Decoration: Solid Wood Headboard DesignPure Wood Headboard Design As Bed Decoration: Wood Headboard Design

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