Simple and Modern Bathroom Units

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Bathroom is the one of house building. This is a main part when we want to build house. House usually has more than one bathroom. Minimum, one house has one private bathroom and one public bathroom. Nowadays, some people want some modern thing. This is also applied when people want to design a bathroom. Inside the bedroom there is more than one unit that we can choose to complete the function of bathroom. Modern bathroom units are like sink, shower, bathtub, and closet.

modern bathroom

Choosing modern bathroom units is not easy, but also not difficult. Simple and ethnic are the modern design for modern bathroom, for example when we want to choose closet design. As we know, there are two types of closet, toilet seat and squat toilets. Nowadays, most of people prefer to toilet seat than toilet squat. It is because toilet seat is simpler than squat toilets. But this is depends on person taste. For choosing sink, there are so many type of sink that we can choose. But for modern design some people prefer ethnic and natural types.
modern bathroom furniture
Shower and bathtub are good choice for modern bathroom units. For small bathroom shower is the best choice. Shower has a good function for saving water. It is different with bathtub. Bathtub can be use in the big bathroom like in the hotel. Spending time in the bathroom is a good thing. Modern bathroom usually use tile from natural and ethnic thing also. Rocks theme is the option for the person who is like natural theme. Type of tile in bathroom is not too slippery. Tile is usually used in the wall to make it save from the water. Nowadays there are so many types of tiles, there is porcelain tile which has natural theme and not glossy. Mosaic theme is also favorite theme for bathroom tile.
simple bathroom
Choosing color is depends on the person taste. In 2012, white is a trend color. White gives clean impression. It is can be applied in the small or big bathroom. In the small bathroom, white gives larger space. White also gives simple impression in the bathroom. Besides white, people can choose different color like warm and natural color. For example light brown, light orange or light blue. We also can use glass for the border inside bathroom to make larger space effect in the small bathroom. For large bathroom, we also can use transparent curtain for border between bathtub and sink.

Simple and Modern Bathroom Units: modern bathroomSimple and Modern Bathroom Units: modern bathroom furnitureSimple and Modern Bathroom Units: simple bathroom

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