Natural Bathroom With Rustic Bathroom Design

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Rustic style is one of many home styles that we can choose to decorate our home; we can decorate all rooms inside our home with rustic decoration or pick this style to decorate one room only. Rustic style is identical with rural atmosphere, traditional design, and natural materials. By applying the rustic style or use several rustic decoration in our home, we will get the natural impression and comfortable home style.Rustic Bathroom Decoration

One of many rooms that we can decorate with this rustic design is bathroom. Rustic bathroom decoration is a bathroom with several rustic decorations in the walls, floors, even in furniture. We can combine the natural materials such as stones, woods, and bamboo plants as the main materials to build a rustic bathroom style. For example, we can apply the woods to laminate the walls, floors, or ceilings; the stones are also able to laminate the surface of the walls and the floors.Rustic Bathroom Decor

The other idea about rustic bathroom decoration is decorate the furniture inside the bathroom using those natural materials. First, decorate the surface of bath tub, bathroom sink, the edge of the bathroom mirror, and the other bathroom furniture using stones or woods. The mirror will look unique if it is framed by the bamboo stalks or branches. Second, we can build a door leaf and windows from the woods; it will consolidate the naturalness and the rustic style.Rustic Bathroom Design

Bathroom cabinets and bathroom shelves are also important furniture that should be present inside a bathroom. We can exploit the cabinets and shelves as rustic bathroom decoration if we design the cabinet or shelves using the same materials with the other rustic bathroom furniture. For bathroom cabinets, we can patch the stones in the surface of it and install wooden cabinet doors on it. For bathroom shelves, we can build it by our self by arrange several woods or using the bamboo stalks and exploit them as one of many rustic bathroom decoration.

Natural Bathroom With Rustic Bathroom Design: Rustic Bathroom DecorationNatural Bathroom With Rustic Bathroom Design: Rustic Bathroom DecorNatural Bathroom With Rustic Bathroom Design: Rustic Bathroom Design

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