How to Clean Your Bidet Toilet Combo

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Bathroom is absolutely needed in every house. Include your house. A good bathroom is a bathroom that is comprise of a bathtub, shower, and bidet toilet combo. We have to keep our bathroom facilities clean after we use them. There a simple ways to clean our bidet toilet combo after we use it. First, prepare the sand paper. Next, cut the sand paper to the small pieces. Third, splash the bidet toilet combo with clean water. Then, polish the bidet toilet combo with the sand paper; you can use a little number of soap. You have to polish it patiently, and don’t be rushed. Rinse with clean water. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can repeat it again to get the maximum result.Bidet Toilet Combo

But, how if the bidet toilet combo still dirty after all of your best effort to clean it? The bidet toilet combo is quick dirty, because it always touched with the water and the waste. The water that are flooding it too long or the waste that is still adhere on it, will cause a crust inside the bidet toilet combo. There are the other ways that you can try to clean your bidet toilet combo easily. First, prepare the materials (HCL liquid, ceramics cleaner liquid, and detergent) and the tools (pincers, monkey wrench, sand paper, putty knife, hand gloves, and masker) to clean the toilet. The ways are: open the bidet toilet combo. Take the HCL liquid and splash it to the entire of the toilets surface. Then, hush it for two minutes. Splash the toilets body with water. If the crust still adheres in the toilet, polish it with the putty knife and sand paper. To prevent the adhere wastes, you can splash the ceramics cleaner liquid and hush it for awhile. Last, rinse the surface of the bidet toilet combo using the detergent.Bidet Toilet Seat

Now, your bidet toilet combo have been clean, shining, and healthBidet Toilet Combination

How to Clean Your Bidet Toilet Combo: Bidet Toilet ComboHow to Clean Your Bidet Toilet Combo: Bidet Toilet SeatHow to Clean Your Bidet Toilet Combo: Bidet Toilet Combination

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