Applying Gothic Bathroom Design

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Bathroom is an obligation place that should be present inside a home. Minimal, a home should have one bathroom, but it is better if it has more than one bathroom for a home. When our guests are visiting our home, very likely they will visit our bathroom, too. Therefore, we have to decorate our bathroom to interest every person who comes in to our bathroom. There are many themes that we can take to decorate our bathroom, such as ocean theme, garden theme, even a gothic theme. Gothic bathroom design is also a good choice to be our bathroom theme.Gothic Bathroom Design

What is the definition of gothic? Gothic is a style that is dominated by dark colors, especially black colors. If you are planning to create a gothic bathroom design, you have to consider the colors that you want to use to paint your bathroom walls and also the colors of the furniture inside the bathroom. Here are many colors that you can use to decorate your gothic bathroom such as black, grey, dark blue, purple, and brown. Of course you can use the other colors as the main color of gothic bathroom, and inscribe the dark colors and the gothic shape in bathroom furniture.Gothic Bathroom Style

To consolidate the gothic bathroom design impression, you need to combine the shapes, too. Even if the color of your bathroom is able to create a gothic bathroom styled, it is good to put some furniture that has several strange and unique shapes and colors. For example, you can put a unique and strange designed mirror, shelves, cabinets, wash basin, bath tub, shower, even the door and the windows.Gothic Bathroom Design Idea

It will not be difficult activity to make a gothic bathroom design. Just make a good combination between the colors and shapes of your bathroom walls and the bathroom furniture. You can see the pictures in this article and pick some ideas inside it to be applied in your gothic styled bathroom.

Applying Gothic Bathroom Design: Gothic Bathroom DesignApplying Gothic Bathroom Design: Gothic Bathroom StyleApplying Gothic Bathroom Design: Gothic Bathroom Design Idea

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